Monday, 25 February 2013

Still alive....

Well it's certainly been a while since we last had a chat - my last post was in November..... oops!  I've decided to try and come back to blogging and actually post more than once every four months.  I'll be surprised if anyone actually reads this, but if you are, thank you for sticking with me; I appreciate it lots and lots!

When I started this blog, I had intended it to be a fahion(ish) blog, but me getting dressed consists of me rolling out of bed and doing a lucky dip into my wardrobe, so this definitely isn't a fashion blog anymore.  That's mainly because I'm a lazy skank. Sorry, not sorry.

Not a huge amount has changed since I last posted; I'm still at college, just about coping.  It wouldn't be so bad if I didn't insist on leaving all the work till the very last minute, yet I never learn.

We just had half term break, which was great, because when I am ever going to complain about a week off college?  My boyfriend came down to visit for a few days, which was lovely, and the weather was pretty good, so we went out a fair bit - here are some photos I took:

These are from when we went to the harbour

There are from when we went up the tower

And here's a lame webcam photo thrown in for good measure

Recently I've been doodling a lot - I think this might be something I've taken up to distract myself from the massive pile of college work I should be doing....  but I really really love using Berol fine liners, they are so nice to draw with!  It's also given me an excuse to use a really nice notebook I got for my birthday.  So I might be really behind with all my academic stuff, but at least I have a book with loads of cute drawings in!

I should probably get going now, because the pile of work that needs to be done isn't going to go away until I actually do it (or burn it, but that's not going to get me anywhere)...  

Thanks for sticking with me - Ella xxx

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